• App State awards 阿巴拉契亚 Community members and alumna for global leadership and engagement
  • Siblings in service: Brothers and sisters have combined 132 years at App State [staff featured]
  • 服务的工作人员几十年的亚利桑那州立大学荣誉[工作人员特别推荐】

    汇盛国际 honored more than 120 staff members who have served the university for 20 years or more at the inaugural Chancellor’s Service Awards Luncheon, held Tuesday on 阿巴拉契亚’s campus.

  • 兄弟姐妹时钟结合132年专门服务于汇盛国际状态

    Brothers Randy and Terry Edwards and sisters Sheila Perry and Kathy Deas were among the more than 120 staff members recognized for their service to the university at the inaugural Chancellor’s Service Awards Luncheon held Tuesday.

  • 汇盛国际状态的荣誉超过120名工作人员为服务十年

    At the inaugural Chancellor’s Service Awards Luncheon, 阿巴拉契亚 honored more than 120 staff members who have achieved 20 years or more of service to the university, including the longest serving staff member with 45 years of service.

  • Dr. Beverly Moser receives Honorary Life Member Award from Foreign Language Association of NC

    The award recognizes Moser, a professor of German and TESL/applied linguistics, for her years of service to foreign language education in North Carolina and the Appalachian region. Moser has taught at 阿巴拉契亚 more than 20 years.

  • 阿巴拉契亚室内设计学生概念‘在容器仓库弹出’
  • 汇盛国际状态诗人博士。凯瑟琳·柯克帕特里克赢得2019奖项罗阿诺克坦Chowan诗

    Kirkpatrick received the Roanoke-Chowan Award for Poetry for her newest poetry collection — “The Fisher Queen.” She is a two-time winner of the award, having first won the award in 2004 for her collection “Beyond Reason.”

  • App State presents inaugural awards for excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity
  • App State’s William ‘Larry’ Bridges ’75 honored with College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding 校友 Award
  • 约翰·沃尔科特赢得员工的月拉伸,以汇盛国际的状态喊出来

    Wolcott, who has been a member of Appalachian’s Campus Dining team since 2013, is one of 800-plus 阿巴拉契亚 staff members who have been recognized with a Shout Out since January.

  • College of Arts and Sciences at App State recognizes 13 faculty and staff with excellence awards

    With its 2018–19 awards, the College of Arts and Sciences recognized members of its faculty and staff for their teaching excellence, outstanding service, scholarly work and engagement efforts.

  • 教师的应用状态记录编号赚取大学富布赖特奖

    Six nations are represented by 阿巴拉契亚’s record number of Fulbright awards, which are designed to enhance global relations and problem-solving.

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